Compare yourself with what the market is doing

07 October, 2020 | reading 3 min.

How do we know if we are paying the right price for our developments?

When a company makes a large development investment, the first question that comes up is, am I paying a fair price for what I get? In the IT world this uncertainty is constant as not everyone is able to accurately measure development efficiency. In fact, most do not have a steady reference point to compare themselves with in order to know where they are. But, what could be the reference point that would indicate whether our developments are more or less efficient than the rest? Well, precisely that, the rest.

Knowing the development efficiency of companies in your sector working with technologies and in similar conditions to yours, you will be able to know whether the amount of product you are receiving is in line with the market.

Fortunately, at LedaMC we have been improving the efficiency of software developments in large clients for over 15 years, measuring productivity and governing their development quality. This has allowed us to have a database of more than 60,000 development projects in more than 15 countries, against which you can compare yourself. In fact, it is the largest database in the world.

Comparing ourselves

You can compare yourself with the market, but also with yourself, by seeing which of your development teams or supplier’s development teams serving you are the most efficient working with a given system or technology.

For this purpose, benchmarking is the only tool that allows us to know how to improve these two key aspects. Benchmarking allows us to know in order to improve. As we like to say, know where you are in order to know how far you can go.

And this is why, in our continuous process of adaptation to new digital trends, we have developed a much more direct and simple way of helping and accompanying companies in their digital transformation process.

We have brought out a new online service, a line of eSolutions that you can hire online, without any obligation, immediately and at a very affordable price.

Here is one of them:


With this e-Solution, you will be able to check which of your suppliers has the best productive and economic efficiency, allowing you to save on costs when selecting them to develop new software projects or to renegotiate current contracts.

In order to make this comparison, we will first carry out a functional estimation of the projects, that is, we will determine the amount of software product delivered to them. Then, with the amount of software product determined and the effort estimation given to you by the development teams (internal or external), we will determine their productivity and compare it with the market’s one for projects that meet the same characteristics in the market.

What do we need?

The requirements and effort of each of the projects of the set you have selected to be part of the benchmarking.

What are we going to give you?

Access to Quanter, our estimation app, with detailed information on the functional estimates made, where you can see each of the elements included in each one of them.  Click here to find out more about Quanter.

PDF report including the average productivity of the projects, comparison with market values and statistical analysis of the sample.

Now you can contract the benchmarking service in a simple and intuitive way in our website.

Get the results in 3 simple steps and start saving