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LedaMC owns a DB with more than 60,000 projects to benchmark your performance.

What is it?

A benchmarking is a useful tool that will help you know how your or your provider´s software development teams are doing compared to the market.

You can check which of your providers presents a better efficiency (both in productive and economic terms), enabling you to save costs when selecting them to develop new software projects or to renegotiate current contracts.

To make this comparison we will first make a functional estimation of the projects, that is, we will determine the amount of software product is being delivered. After having this amount of product determined and the effort delivered by internal or external teams, we will calculate their productivity and compare it with the market values for projects that meet the same characteristics.

What do we need?

  • The effort estimates made by the teams of the set of projects you have selected to be part of the benchmark.
  • Technical information of the projects: Technology, Waterfall or Agile, etc.

What are we delivering?

  • Access to Quanter with the full detail of the functional estimates made, where you can see each of the elements included in each of them. Find out more about Quanter.
  • PDF report including average productivity of the projects, comparison with market values and statistical analysis of the sample.

Price and payment conditions

Once you make the request and we validate that we can start working on your estimate we will send you the payment information by the selected method.

The price of a benchmarking will not exceed 1% of the E2E cost of the total number of projects you include within it.

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