Outsourced UAT

Free your team from those time-consuming software tests. We do it for you.

What is the outsourced UAT? 

Before we tell you what our outsourced UAT service is, let’s think about testing for a moment. When we talk about testing within software development, we often concentrate on testing associated with the development team: Unit Testing, Integrated Testing or System Testing… Even in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) we look at the effort that the development team puts in, but… What about the work the business team also puts in UAT? 

The business team (the end-user) needs to carry out these tests. Usually, they are users that lack computer literacy to determine which tests to run and how to run them. Therefore, the efficiency of the tests cannot be guaranteed. In any case, the tests will take a significant amount of time. 

At LedaMC, our aim with this service is to relieve the business team of this responsibility by using an outsourced UAT team. This group, possessing the right IT abilities to make the needed examination scenarios, is answerable for all evaluations rather than the business team. It handles all problems, verifies accuracy, and creates a test case for each crucial point while also sharing business expertise. 

At a lower cost than the business team, who cannot dedicate their time to the company’s own affairs while testing, it offers an ideal solution for many businesses, enhancing the quality of the deployed software.

Benefits of outsourced UAT 

  • It saves money by stopping mistakes from happening later, in pricier stages for their correction. 
  • The software gained is more dependable and enables augmentation of business operations. 
  • Having dependable software enhances the company’s reputation. 

Which companies would want to use an outsourced UAT team? 

  • Any company that wants to relieve its business team of IT tasks (UAT). 
  • Any company seeking to enhance its software defect detection and improve its quality. 
  • Any organisation that wishes to reduce costs in its quality assurance procedure. 

Why LedaMC?

  • We have assisted companies with outsourced UAT for over a decade. 
  • Our customers’ satisfaction has driven our continuous growth in this service every year. 


  • Increasing the quality of developments. 

You can see some of the successes we’ve helped our clients reach by using our outsourced UAT service. And they are not the only ones: 

  • Definition of 80% more test cases
  • There has been a 40% rise in detecting flaws in the UAT. 
  • Release of 3,000 business team hours annually through the contracted UAT team. 
  • Substantial time reduction in the detection and resolution of incidents. 
  • Greater anticipation of detected risks