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Afinando la Agilidad -Webinar de LedaMC Academy

“Agile fine tuning”: the new challenge of digital transformation.

18 June, 2021 | Reading 4 min.

The cost of the software product is 15-20% more expensive in agile environments than in traditional ones. But is that all that matters? How much does user satisfaction cost?

Improve your agility

Does your agility sound good live, or do you need to playback?

11 June, 2021 | Reading 3 min.

Does your agility sound good live, or do you need to playback?

seleccion proveedores

Key factors for designing an IT vendor selection strategy

12 January, 2021 | Reading 4 min.

Discover the keys for a successful supplier selection

Harry Potter and the 7 secrets of the IFPUG function points (Spanish)

04 January, 2021 | Reading < 1 min.

Still don’t know the benefits of IFPUG’s Function Points methodology? More and more countries around the world are using it in public software development contracts. Governments such as Italy, Brazil, France, Mexico and Japan have been promoting and even legislating in favor of its use for years. But it has been since this year when […]

¡Happy 2021!

31 December, 2020 | Reading < 1 min.

Sabemos que este año ha sido duro y complicado, así que desde Leda MC y Quanter queremos desearte lo mejor para el año que viene, para que afrontes este nuevo año con más ilusión que nunca.
Por nuestra parte, seguiremos empujando para poder ayudarte a cumplir tus necesidades y objetivos de la forma más eficiente posible.
¡Te deseamos felices fiestas y sobre todo, mucho éxito para el 2021!

Bad blood and consultant lobbies. Product save us!

13 November, 2020 | Reading 3 min.

The scam Theranos was a startup founded in 2003 that managed to reach a market value of $10 billion until it ceased operations in September 2018. ¿Why? For not focusing on the product. The Wall Street Journal’s research reporter John Carreyrou describes in the book Bad Blood the detailed investigation he conducted to uncover the […]

Compare yourself with what the market is doing

07 October, 2020 | Reading 3 min.

How do we know if we are paying the right price for our developments? When a company makes a large development investment, the first question that comes up is, am I paying a fair price for what I get? In the IT world this uncertainty is constant as not everyone is able to accurately measure […]

How to avoid a cartel of consulting firms in software development?

15 September, 2020 | Reading 3 min.

The investigation of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) for an apparent cartel of consulting firms that helped themselves to win public contracts has brought up an issue that can affect our companies dramatically, but let’s take it one step at a time. The cartel El supuesto cartel se enriquecía estableciendo precios por […]

Cómo la agilidad aporta valor en el teletrabajo

Presentation at the IT Confidence 2014 (ISBSG): “Software Rates vs Price of Function Points”

20 February, 2017 | Reading < 1 min.

Update of the study performed by LedaMC in 2012 of the software development Price in Function Points presented at the conference IT Confidence in 2014 by ISBSG held at Tokyo (Japan) The complete presentation here: Software Rates vs Price of Function Points 2014