SaaS Application to Create Estimates 

Quanter, the SaaS application for software development estimation

What is Quanter

Quanter is a SaaS application to create estimates that allows you to manage each phase of a software development project estimate, from inception to examination and endorsement. The stored data provides insights into profits, projects volume and more. Quanter enables simple and thorough estimation process. 

We have summarised it quite a bit, so let us go a bit further to tell you what it allows you to do. 

What is involved in estimating a software development project? 

Quanter is based on ISO/IEC standard metrics of functional size (Function Points). As a result, you can compare the expenses of producing with those of the market and evaluate project efficiency against conceivably the largest productivity database worldwide (over 80,000 reference projects). Furthermore, these measurements are employed and suggested by the European Union in its software development tenders. 

For us, it is crucial to offer transparent, trustworthy methods that are simple and dependable in estimating a project’s cost and effort. 

That is what Quanter allows you to calculate. By estimating the software product included in the project and adding non-functional elements like creating a user manual, requesting development team support, or paying licence fees. This will give you values for the effort, cost, and functional size of the project. 

Please note that the estimate result considers the entire life cycle of a development project or solely the phases of interest to you. 

Quanter allows for Testware estimates

In a software project, we regularly talk about the required tests. These tests are usually done by the development team and consist of unit tests, integrated tests, system tests, and UAT tests (performed by the development team) … 

These assessments are part of the Quanter estimate and are necessary steps in the development process. 

Testware-related tests are those that are not carried out by the development team. These tests are carried out by an outside team, like the quality assurance team or the user acceptance testing performed by the business team. 

As these are tests, Quanter gives you an idea of how much time and money it will take, and how many test cases and defects will be found in each case for both QA and UAT. 

The calculations are based on the amount of software and various standard factors. These factors allow you to accurately adjust the Testware estimate to suit your unique scenario. 

Quanter allows Benchmarking

Quanter simplifies benchmarking for your organisation once it is integrated. Comparing your data with the market will be as easy as clicking a button. You can view the rating of the supplier, the software, the project, the petition… compared to the market by using the filter of your preference. And you will not only receive the rating, but also be informed whether it is above or below the median, and the difference. 

Quanter lets you establish and track objectives

After estimating and comparing with the market, the following step is to establish targets for improving and ensuring compliance through regular monitoring. Within Quanter, reaching your objectives is straightforward. Just set minimums, targets and aim for excellence. 

Benefits of using Quanter as a SaaS application to create estimates

  • CIO 
    • Any savings you make are calculated immediately. This assists you in tracking your ICT cost-cutting objectives. 
  • Purchasing Technology:  
    • Streamline your bidding processes and decrease expenses with your development suppliers. 
  • Development management and PMO:  
    • By following the ISO/IEC guidelines for estimating, you create a uniform and standardised approach that all estimators can use. This removes any bias that may come from the opinions of a single expert. 
    • Dashboard: All quotes and cost savings consolidated into one location. 
    • You determine the expected quality in developments and the effort needed to make it happen. 
  • Project Managers 
    • Connect Quanter with Jira, Salesforce, and other platforms to access relevant information and record it efficiently. 
    • Collaborative tool that reduces meetings by 90% and emails by 70%. 

Which companies would want to use a SaaS application to create estimates? 

  • Organisations that use estimation methods like IFPUG FPA, COSMIC FFP, NESMA FPA, IFPUG SFP, IFPUG SNAP but lack a SaaS application to help with management. 
  • Organisations that wish to avoid the challenges of working with Excel-based tools for estimating management and want to move into the age of applications. 
  • Software developers who seek to provide their clients with a clear and auditable methodology for evaluating their software developments can rely on the endorsed ISO/IEC standard approved by the European Union. 

Why Quanter?

  • Powered by LedaMC. 
  • It boasts the biggest database available in the market. 
  • You can carry out benchmarking quickly and easily using the application itself.  

Need to reduce your IT costs?

Yes I do!