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Productivity and Estimations

The issue is how much is produced, not how much time it takes.

Quantify your requirements

Apply scientific metrics to measure your requirements.

Compare with the market

What development productivity do you think you have?

Be Agile, not Fragile

Controling the estimates is controling the budget.

RFP’s Testing Factories

How to manage the global quality of the Information Systems.

Optimize your automatization

Testing is often the weakest tier of the chain.

Last from LEDA…

Update of the study performed by LEDAmc in 2012 of the software development Price in Function Points presented at the conference IT Confidence in 2014 by ISBSG held at Tokyo (Japan) The complete presentation here: Software Rates vs Price of Function Points 2014
The international Software Benchmarking Standards group (ISBSG) has elected Raul Fernandez as a member of its Board of Directors. This non-for-profit organization gathers data from software development projects in more than 12 countries and from all kind of methods and development models.
Dacil Castelo, Director of Productivity and Estimations in LEDAmc, has presented at ISMA 11, the anual conference of IFPUG organized by the company TI Metricas at Sao Paulo, the updated LEDAmc’s benchmarking under the title “Software Rates vs Price of Function Points: An updated cost analysis. Ver presentaciones
LEDAmc, DCG Software Value and TI MÉTRICAS launch internationally the “Development Software of Projects Benchmarking Guide”. From now on businesses will have available unified criteria with which to perform analysis in order to be able to discover their development productivity, how much are they paying with respects to the market and how to reduce costs. […]

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