Quality Policy


LEDAmc helps its clients increase their IT contribution to their business, by improving the management of suppliers, increasing productivity, optimization of software tests, improvement of quality, managing of client projects and cost reduction.
For this, LEDAmc has developed a set of own methodologies, founded on industrial concepts and metrics based on production and implemented in tools registered by LEDAmc.


Become the reference company in software metrics related to productivity, quality, and IT governance in general.

Quality Policy

LEDAmc is governed by a Quality Policy that allows you to choose between apparent equal valid decisions from a business point of view, but which in reality make up the culture of the company.
These LEDAmc values are:

  • Comply in all its actions the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable.
  • Always pursue customer satisfaction, trying to harmonize the interests of those interested in the process.
  • Manage, and help clients manage, by facts and objective data.
  • Continuously improve LEDAmc’s processes and products, seeking the best quality of products and services and reducing the process costs to achieve them.
  • Always correct and try to avoid possible errors by managing corrective and preventive actions, identifying the root causes and trying to prevent them from happening again.

Quality management system

Achieving the defined Vision involves significantly improving the company management models to adapt them to the needs derived from the set objectives. Therefore, LEDAmc management has decided to design and implement a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.
This management system should help achieve the company’s objectives, facilitating:

  • The adaptation of the organization of the company to the current and expected growth.
  • The consolidation of innovation activity that capitalizes and develops knowledge and the application of software measurement tools and methods.
  • The improvement of the knowledge of needs and expectations of the clients in order to satisfy their explicit and implicit requirements; measure and manage this level of satisfaction.
  • The improvement of resource planning, both for the provision of services, and for commercial and marketing activities, and the rest of the company’s functions.

Management commitment

For this purpose, the directors of LEDAmc commit to:

  • Comply and enforce the requirements of customers and the quality management system.
  • Conduct the QMS reviews in the defined manner.
  • Communicate this policy and objectives to all LEDAmc’s collaborators, ensure that it is understood and periodically reviewed so that it maintains its adequacy to the business.
  • Deploy the general objectives so that all LEDAmc collaborators contribute to its achievement.