Software quality assurance 

Get the best quality product with the optimum effort, no more, no less.

How to assure software quality? 

Software quality assurance is a wide-ranging process that occurs at various stages within a company’s software development setting. Let us take a step-by-step look at how we collaborate to achieve this common goal. 

When starting the collaboration with a company, it is typical to diagnose its Quality and Testing situation. If the company already has a process to handle this type of job, it will be evaluated to understand its functionality, scope, and effectiveness. If, however, the company lacks established processes, we examine its software development method to identify where the absent quality activities should be incorporated. 

After diagnosing the issue, we began to create a Quality and Testing framework that suits the company’s situation and context. It is crucial to comprehend the company’s situation thoroughly, to establish a plan that functions flawlessly and generates actual outcomes, instead of being merely wishful thinking. 

From now on, we need to plan a project that puts a Quality and Testing framework into action across the organisation. We ensure that all parts of the client and suppliers involved in the implementation project for our organisation are guided to fit well in the new model that matches the client’s processes. The process involves many tasks to create targets and performance indicators to assess its effectiveness.  

Quality is an ongoing process, therefore, after implementation, we must adhere to the established quality model. From basic management methods where one individual can handle the produced indicators and aid the overall management process, to implementing a Testing Management Office (TMO) that can offer wider coverage and further support for organisations that require it. 

We offer a Quality and Test Audit service to companies. This service helps them compare the Testware they received with what they should have received based on market standards. Our extensive database of software development projects allows us to calculate various metrics, such as the expected number of test cases, the number of defects to be identified, and the effort required to conduct the tests. 

This enables us to review and assess the Quality and Testing of a project, initiative, system, or application and determine if there is opportunity to enhance performance. 

Benefits of quality assurance 

  • It helps with analysing and cutting costs while stopping mistakes from happening in the future when it would cost more to correct them. 
  • The software product obtained in this manner is more dependable and enables augmenting business operations. 
  • Having dependable software enhances the company’s reputation. 
  • Reduction of development costs. 

Which organisations may want to carry out quality assurance? 

  • Any company that requires custom-made software, or even those using ready-made packages. 

Why LedaMC?

  • We have assisted clients with quality work since 2009.  
  • We strive to enhance the quality and testing outcomes, focusing on the software product, through innovative methods.