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Over the years, LedaMC has established a relationship of trust with multiple global clients, guiding their activities towards optimising their software development processes.

This is how Redeia has managed to improve the cost of its software developments

For Redeia (Red Eléctrica de España), being able to determine the functional size of the software product is a determining factor in obtaining the optimal cost of software developments. The metrics based on the software product unit allow a successful governance of the relationships with suppliers, facilitating the efficiency and quality of the developments.

José Antonio Paso Cañabate, Head of AM Services Management, explains how they have managed to improve the cost of their developments in the midst of the pandemic and how they continue to improve them.

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El Economista

LedaMC helps Orange monitor Agile activity by measuring the productivity of sw development:

Orange was looking for productivity and cost control over its outsourced software development activities. With the collaboration of LedaMC, it managed to reach an agreement with its software suppliers in which it agreed to make payments based on Function Points and thus achieve a productivity improvement in the work carried out as well as substantial cost savings in negotiating with them.

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Orange & LedaMC Success Story

LedaMC helps to strengthen the quality management in Repsol’s development projects by improving the testing processes:

Repsol wanted to strengthen and evolve the management and support procedures for software testing carried out by the company with its testing factories and development suppliers within the framework of IT projects. This service, contracted by the Quality and User Experience area, is circumscribed by a larger QMO (Quality Management Office) contract.


Vodafone: 10,5 M € in savings

In 2014, LedaMC helped Vodafone Spain to achieve very important benefits with the implementation of the Estimating System.

An estimation system was established in Vodafone that allowed savings of 10.5 M euros. Since the implementation, the system has continued to expand and achieve savings.

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 Vodafone & LedaMC Success.

Mapfre: 9 M € of savings.

LedaMC collaborates with Mapfre providing a solution to their management and productivity.

This collaboration allowed LedaMC to help Mapfre to save more than 9 M Euros in its software development processes during the 2012-2013 cycle.

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Mapfre & LedaMC Success Story.