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LedaMC, a journey that started 20 years ago

23 May, 2023 | reading 4 min.

LedaMC a journey that started 20 years ago

That is right! This LedaMC journey already started 20 years ago. A goal that is not so easy to achieve and that deserves an incredibly special celebration. That is the reason we are hosting a special event for our 20th Anniversary that we will reveal by the end of this article. But first we would like to go over some of the aspects that better define us, those that one can find at our very core… Keep reading! 

Software product, always part of LedaMC’s journey  

Guiding us through this journey we have always had some stars. Like Software Product, along with functional metrics for its measurement, that we have always used as baseline in our decision making since our very beginning, fully aware of software value nowadays. 

And there is one star shining bright among those functional metrics, IFPUG’s Function Points (FPA) You might think “Function points? Those were invented 40 years ago!” but the Kanban board is even older, and it is used increasingly due to its functionality. Like Function Points, that are used as a standard for software measurement in several countries like Brazil, Italy, or France. And furthermore, the European Commission includes them in big software development tenders as a tool to evaluate software cost and quality. There might be a good reason to use them, don’t you think? 

Some other interesting metrics have been invented from this one, such as Nesma, COSMIC, SNAP Points (Software Non-functional Assessment Process), for measuring software non-functional activities, and Simple Function Points (SFP), developed to quickly evaluate software in phases where we lack information. 

But you might be wondering… 

What use do Function Points have? 

Metrics only exist if they are useful, and Function Points are because they allow us to compare

Just think for a moment of the metric tape, that we use to measure and compare the height of two different buildings, for example. So do Function Points, helping us to measure and compare which application delivers more functionality and, from that point forward, some other additional features like: 

  • Which team or supplier is more productive 
  • Who delivers a better quality software 
  • How rotations affect team’s performance 

And we use Benchmarking to do this, the tool with which we compare your software development teams or your suppliers work with the market, a tool that already is part of LedaMC’s DNA. A little too much of a statement? Not really, since we have been conducting benchmarking for over 14 years and in 2016, we launched a Benchmarking Guide for Software Development Projects, along with DCG Software Value and TI Métricas.  

Besides, from 2021 we are the first and only organization worldwide to be certified for benchmarking by IFPUG. 

And here comes Agility, how do we successfully include it? 

We have learned a lot over the years, getting a 360º View of software development, but it has been a step-by-step process. At first, we focused on measuring Productivity, using metrics related to the amount of product delivered. But soon we realized that was not enough, we needed Quality, because it did not really matter how much product you got if it was not good.  

And then Agility showed up and we needed to adapt again, introducing the team’s perspective and new indicators such as stability, cadence, commitment, or responsibility. Having a global vision of your software development is key to achieve profitability and efficiency in your transformation into agility. 

Our most important milestones, our clients’ success stories 

Our biggest success is achieving success for our clients. And we could not leave out of this adventure without sharing some of these stories where we helped big companies to reduce IT costs and improve IT governance. 

Our journey with Iberia started in 2008. Thanks to UAT outsourcing, we managed to improve development quality, free their business department, reduce detection and resolution time and improve reaction to detected risks.  

It has also been a long time since Orange joined us on this journey. It was 2009 when we began offering support to improve the quality of their software development. Since that moment and thanks to additional services like benchmarking or Agile Fine-Tuning, we have been able to implement a more objective and transparent payment model based on Function Points, raise their productivity rates, and successfully include agile projects into this model. 

And, finally, a more recent partner in this journey, Redeia (Red Eléctrica de España), with whom we have been collaborating since 2019, achieving remarkable results thanks to services we provide like benchmarking, Agile Fine-Tuning or by using our platform Quanter. Redeia has managed to introduce a supplier management model based on the software product (IFPUG’s FP), significant savings in the cost of software development and establish a contracting model for Agile also based on the Software Product (FP), among others. 

And these years and these achievements could not be left without celebration 

This Thursday 25th May we have invited clients and friends of LedaMC to spend the morning talking about the topics that matter to us. We will talk about supplier management, software product, metrics, Agility… And all this will be presented by recognized professionals, both nationally and internationally, and an excellent panel of CIOs who will share with all attendees how they have been facing these issues. Very soon we will share the video of this event with you!   

We say goodbye for now, as we must continue this journey through the software product universe. We hope it will take us many more years together with all of you who form LedaMC, employees, customers, and friends, thank you very much for joining us!