Benchmarking Guide for Software Development Projects

20 February, 2017 | Reading 2 min.

LedaMC, DCG Software Value and TI MÉTRICAS launch internationally the “Development Software of Projects Benchmarking Guide”.

From now on businesses will have available unified criteria with which to perform analysis in order to be able to discover their development productivity, how much are they paying with respects to the market and how to reduce costs.

The guide is available for download, without charge, here: Development and Maintenance Software of Projects Benchmarking Guide

Rafael de la Fuente, part of the Spanish Company LedaMC, Michael D. Harris, part of the North American DCS software Value and Mauricio Aguiar, part of the Brazilian TI Métricas, three of the leading companies involved in implementation of software metrics, and who carry out benchmarking of development software in Europe and America, have signed a deal to share their experiences, and from there define a Benchmarking Guide.

The Guide will allow the unification of criteria to evaluate Productivity in Application Development, and that the obtained results from different companies in different studies performed can be homogenous and comparable, which would facilitate optimization of both resources and elaborate budgets more tightly

Upon its launch, the GUIDE will be shared with International Bodies involved in Software Metrics and with the rest of companies independently of if they carry out these Jobs. They are all invited to join this initiative.

All companies and bodies that join the initiative can use it and share their comments and suggestions on how to improve. From the obtain contributions, the GUIDE will be updated through new revised versions which will be publicly distributed

LedaMC, leader in development software analysis in Spain and Latin America, whose employees participate in IFPUG and IBSG executive boards and is a member of NESMA, has contributed with its experience to more than 7 years performing Benchmarking projects of software development in Spain, Europe and Latin America and with their market studies have shown the lack of a relationship between the development costs and true production costs and also provide experience from bodies that have implanted functional control systems of software production.

DCG Software Value is a recognized authority in the field of measurement and estimation of development software. The members of their team have written and published books being used as guides and reference in the IT industry and participate routinely in seminars and congresses. Their team includes certified specialists (CFPS) in function point IFPUG and COSMIC, who participate in the IFPUG Executive Board and collaborate actively with ISBS

TI Métricas is the leader in software metrics, focusing in functional size, benchmarking, estimations, and hiring processes. The company possesses more than 50 certified specialists in IFPUG which on average have more than 70,000 monthly functional points. They also have working with them certified consultants in PMP, COSMIC, PMI-ACP, COBIT, ITIL, PSM and others. The company has actively participated in organizations such as IFPUG, COMIC and ISBSG, including a former IFPUG president.