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Harry Potter and the 7 secrets of the IFPUG function points (Spanish)

04 January, 2021 | reading < 1 min.

Still don’t know the benefits of IFPUG’s Function Points methodology?

More and more countries around the world are using it in public software development contracts. Governments such as Italy, Brazil, France, Mexico and Japan have been promoting and even legislating in favor of its use for years. But it has been since this year when the European Commission has directly recommended its use to give transparency to software development tenders and reduce IT costs.

In this webinar, Harry Potter takes us on a journey through the secrets hidden in this methodology, secrets that these countries already know and you can’t miss.

Our colleague Iván Pinedo, with an extensive international background as an expert in software estimation methodologies, will act as master of ceremonies in this trip through the lands of Harry Potter. Don’t lose the thread because you will be able to use the magic you see to improve the efficiency of your projects and their cost.

Now we offer you the 7 keys that Harry brings you to maximize the profitability of your IT developments.

Enjoy the webinar that had so much impact and attracted so much attention at this link. (In Spanish)