The European Union method for cost reduction in software development.

10 November, 2020 | reading < 1 min.

Cost reduction in software development

The announcement

Dacil Castelo, CEO of Leda MC and Quanter, explains in this video the impact that the European Parliament announcement recommending the function points methodology for sizing of software activities has on the word of software development tenders in order to reduce costs and achieve more transparency.

This announcement was not the consequence of a one-day debate, since the application of function points for cost optimization in software development has been a topic of interest for the European Union for quite some time.

Already in 2018, a recommendation regarding the use of IFPUG function points as a method for pricing development activities was stated by the Court of Auditors in the report for the 2017 fiscal year-end. But it is not until May 2020 that the European Parliament in its budget committee report makes this same recommendation. It recommends that the IFPUG methodology is a standard methodology to be used to establish the price of development activities and even uses it in several tenders.

Real uses

Dácil will show the different ways to apply the function points as a software product measure, that the European Union has being used in several of its tenders.  We will see its application both in cost efficiency and quality optimization of the developments, as well as its use in estimating the effort required for testware (the effort dedicated to testing the applications).

Among the examples we will see recent tenders from the European Medicines Agency, Taxation and Customs Union and eu-LISA.

Enjoy the webinar that had so much impact and attracted so many attention. Enable subtitles for english version.