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We presented at VLCTesting 2023 why a “UAT Cross team is a fundamental link in the Agile process”

29 September, 2023 | reading 3 min.

Imagen de fondo del evento VLCTesting 2023 con título de la presentación de LedaMC UAT Cross como eslabón fundamental del proceso agile

During the past 27th and 28th of September, the city of Valencia hosted the VLCTesting 2023 event, the largest software testing festival in Spain. Organised by the Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI), the event brought together experts and professionals from the world of software testing in an environment of learning and exchange of experiences. 

Under the slogan ‘TESTigos del cambio’ (‘Witnesses of Change’), this thirteenth edition of VLC Testing set out to explore and share the latest trends and innovations in the field of software quality and usability. And this was done through real experiences and up to 25 presentations by renowned professionals in the world of software testing. 

Our Commitment to Quality and Software Testing 

LedaMC, always committed to software quality assurance, has been part of VLCTesting as a sponsor. Our colleagues Ana Cayuela, Lily Rodríguez, María Carrión and Laura Ríos attended the event, a unique opportunity to learn and share knowledge about software quality and testing with other professionals in the sector. Learning that allows us to continue providing valuable solutions to our clients and incorporate the latest developments and trends to our services.  

Ana Cayuela, Lily Rodríguez, María Carrión and Laura Ríos at VLCTesting

 The event also included the participation of Lily Rodríguez as a speaker, with the talk “UAT Cross as a fundamental link in the Agile process”. In this talk she explained the reasons for the success of this service in companies working with Agile models. Lily, manager of LedaMC, has been a loyal advocate of quality and software testing for more than 18 years, and in this interesting talk she proves it. And she defends it because, in that time, she has seen first-hand all the benefits that a good testing process brings to the final product: saving costs, effort, and time for the various teams and improving the final quality of the product and, therefore, the user experience and the image of the company behind the product. 

Discovering the Power of the UAT Cross Team 

Want to know how a UAT Cross team works? We will explain it to you in a simple way. But first, answer these questions: 

  • Do you feel that your business team is a bit adrift with the new agile methodologies?  
  • Has communication between business and agile development teams become more difficult?  
  • Do you notice that final validation is not sufficient, and Gaps are not being detected?  
  • Does Business not have enough time to do UAT testing? 

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, a UAT Cross team could solve these situations. Why? Because it is made up of a team of testing experts, but working closely with Business, so it brings together their knowledge of IT with knowledge of the business.   

In addition, this team of UAT testing experts has a 360º vision of the product (IT/Business/End Customer). And carries out the tests, not only in the final validation phase, but we also bring this process forward to the layout and design phase, with UX/UI tests. This allows us to correct design issues before moving on to the development phase and make proposals for improvement in these initial phases, saving time, effort, and money compared to corrections made in later phases.  

This knowledge of both worlds, their cross vision and acting as a link between the different agile teams and the business team, achieves among other things:  

  • Improved communication and understanding between the Business and IT teams.  
  • Increased number of test cases performed → up to 80%.  
  • Up to 40% greater effectiveness in detecting defects, with a lower number of false incidents reported.  
  • Decrease in number of incidents in production.  
  • Free up the business team from testing tasks → up to 3,000 hours per year. 

Increased Effectiveness, Quality, and Savings     

The end results? A higher quality product, as it is tested more effectively thanks to the global vision of the UAT Cross team and with significant cost savings, as fewer issues are found at earlier stages.  

Surprising, isn’t it? Our experience of more than 10 years with UAT Cross teams confirms that it works. Do you want to check it out too? Contact us, and we will analyse together if UAT Cross team is the solution your company needs. 

If you want to access the presentations of VLC Testing 2023 (in Spanish), you can do it through this link (registration required).