LedaMC becomes a global benchmark in Benchmarking

10 March, 2022 | reading 2 min.


LedaMC has just received international recognition for its benchmarking processes by the IFPUG Organization.

Let’s go step by step, first of all … What is Benchmarking and what is it for?

In a world as competitive as the one we live in, having accurate and reliable data is essential for companies to make the best decisions. There are companies that in just one year can invest millions of euros in development and it is logical for investors to ask themselves questions like… Am I paying the right amount for what I get? How is the digital transformation impacting us? How is the efficiency and cost of my internal teams and/or my development vendors compared to the rest of the industry? Well, the answer to these questions comes with benchmarking, where we can compare ourselves to the market. But of course, here comes another big question…

Where do we get this market data from?

These data are obtained from organizations that have been analyzing the efficiency and quality of developments for years, accumulating reliable data that serve as a reference for this purpose. The fact that IFPUG has granted LedaMC the Application Development & Maintenance Benchmarking Certification (Application Development & Maintenance Benchmarking Certification) and has been the first company in the world to hold it, is the endorsement of one of the most prestigious organizations in the world in terms of software measurement, both for the benchmarking process and for the data in the database where we treasure more than 65,000 references of IT projects.

And this brings us to the second point…

What is IFPUG and why is it important to obtain its recognition?
IFPUG is the world’s most prestigious international organization for IT metrics and provides the industry with software product sizing methods and standards.

For more than 40 years it has been striving to show the value that IT brings to Business based on the quantity of software product, something that is booming today, providing reliable and transparent methods to achieve it.

What exactly is the Application Development & Maintenance Benchmarking (AD/M) Certification?

The Application Development & Maintenance Benchmarking (AD/M) Certification is aimed at ensuring that the company benchmarking software development and maintenance projects complies with the best market practices and delivers reliable and applicable results in terms of cost efficiency and company developments. It also ensures that the company that has this certification defines reports that provide a clear and complete vision to the customer who needs them so that their decision making has a correct basis and helps them to improve.

Because, at the end of the day, it is essential for companies to be able to rely on the good work and data of their vendors. Does your company do it or do you need benchmarking?

If you want more information on this topic, sign up for the webinar “Benchmarking IT projects – Why should I benchmark myself against the market?” at this link. You won’t be disappointed.