ISBSG IT Confidence 2020

08 September, 2020 | reading 2 min.

ISBSG Confidence 2020 is the most important event worldwide regarding software development project estimates. These directly affect the cost savings of these projects, so their conclusions are always very interesting for the industry.

This year it has been held in an online format in two days to keep the event running and to keep contributing to the whole world community in these uncertain times.

One of the most repeated topics has been the elevation of the product to the category of unquestionable element to be able to control the fair price of software development. It has been presented this time associated with technologies of increasing acceptance such as microservices and special attention has also been given to the analysis of wearable devices such as FitBit (for which it must also develop software).

On the other hand, the point of attention has been taken by Agility, with presentations as interesting as the one by Manuel Buitrago from LedaMC entitled “The 20M€ tender challenge, a real case study of estimation of a very big agile initiative”.

Agility is reaching a great level of maturity within organizations and this allows a much more efficient government. The pillars of this governance are::

The use of Apps such as Quanter for processes like estimating. This greatly simplifies the process and its use by the entire organization without the need for technical expertise.

The integration of Quality as one of the main axes in the cost savings of software developments through the calculation of testware and expected quality.

The comparison to what others are doing, the market, to know if we are heading the right way.

The world of software development is about to change radically in the next few years, and we have to pay attention in order to decide which side we want to be on.