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PM² networking event in Brussels 2020

17 February, 2020 | reading 2 min.

A few days ago, the first networking event of the PM² Alliance of this 2020 took place in Brussels, and our colleague Andrés Gutiérrez, responsible for our software development efficiency services in the Belgian capital, was present.

In this event our colleague was able to talk with the CEO of the alliance, Nicos Kourounakis, as well as with the regional coordinators of the PM² Alliance in Spain (Agustín Moya), Portugal (José Luis Ferreira), Belgium (Guido Doucet) and Latvia (Harry Konstantopoulos)

In this environment they were able to talk about how to improve the development of projects through a flexible methodology and a governance base based on the software product.

PM² Alliance

The PM² Alliance is in charge of developing a community that supports the PM² (Project Management Methodology). This methodology has been developed by the European Commission as a basis for the management of all its projects.

As its aim is to collaborate and promote innovation, which is open to everyone, the PM² methodology has been developed under an Open paradigm so that all those who wish to use it can do so. The mentality of the PM2 methodology is that the methodologies are there to serve the projects, and not the other way around by helping project teams and stakeholders to be aligned with a common goal.

It provides a meeting point for project managers as it homogenises the vocabulary making communication much easier and improving the way of working and the understanding of projects.

PM² ( Project Management Methodology)

The PM2 methodology develops a body of knowledge (materials, roles, documents, processes…) to help us manage. This body is composed of 4 interlinked pillars (Governance, Life Cycle, Processes, Artifacts) and another transversal one (Control and Agility).

  • Governance: Governance provides the framework in which project management decisions are made. It defines all standard project management functions and their associated responsibilities, while describing the escalation and lines of accountability.
  • Life cycle: The PM² Methodology defines four phases of project management. It is an effective way to group the many management activities that take place during a project and to focus the attention of the project team on the activities that are needed during that time period. The decision to move from one phase to the next is made during a relevant phase gate and depends on whether the objectives of that phase have been achieved satisfactorily.
  • Processes: The PM² Methodology defines a set of project management processes and activities that are carried out throughout the project life and, in most cases, are executed in an iterative manner. The management processes are detailed in the 6 PM² management plans and in the group of monitoring and control processes.
  • Devices: The PM² Methodology proposes the creation of a set of Devices that facilitate the definition, management and communication of the projects. PM² offers a complete set of project templates and detailed guidelines on how to use them.

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