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How to recover control and reduce your IT costs

20 October, 2020 | Reading 3 min.

Shall we get renewed? We have been talking about the digital transformation of companies for a long time. Some got on the boat a few years ago, others took a little longer, there are even those that haven’t started yet. What is clear is that in the middle of the COVID era, we have to […]

Compare yourself with what the market is doing

07 October, 2020 | Reading 3 min.

How do we know if we are paying the right price for our developments? When a company makes a large development investment, the first question that comes up is, am I paying a fair price for what I get? In the IT world this uncertainty is constant as not everyone is able to accurately measure […]

Mega Testing Week 2020

28 September, 2020 | Reading 2 min.

Mega Testing Week 2020 is one of the greatest software testing events in Latin America, bringing together the communities of Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina. As we know, Quality Governance is essential to make software developments more efficient and reduce costs in IT. Our colleague Jesús Alonso, Service Manager of LedaMC, has been invited to participate […]

How to avoid a cartel of consulting firms in software development?

15 September, 2020 | Reading 3 min.

The investigation of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) for an apparent cartel of consulting firms that helped themselves to win public contracts has brought up an issue that can affect our companies dramatically, but let’s take it one step at a time. The cartel El supuesto cartel se enriquecía estableciendo precios por […]

ISBSG IT Confidence 2020

08 September, 2020 | Reading 2 min.

ISBSG Confidence 2020 is the most important event worldwide regarding software development project estimates. These directly affect the cost savings of these projects, so their conclusions are always very interesting for the industry. This year it has been held in an online format in two days to keep the event running and to keep contributing […]

PM² networking event in Brussels 2020

17 February, 2020 | Reading 2 min.

A few days ago, the first networking event of the PM² Alliance of this 2020 took place in Brussels, and our colleague Andrés Gutiérrez, responsible for our software development efficiency services in the Belgian capital, was present. In this event our colleague was able to talk with the CEO of the alliance, Nicos Kourounakis, as […]

Cómo la agilidad aporta valor en el teletrabajo

Presentation at the IT Confidence 2014 (ISBSG): “Software Rates vs Price of Function Points”

20 February, 2017 | Reading < 1 min.

Update of the study performed by LedaMC in 2012 of the software development Price in Function Points presented at the conference IT Confidence in 2014 by ISBSG held at Tokyo (Japan) The complete presentation here: Software Rates vs Price of Function Points 2014

Raúl Fernandez, from LedaMC, joins the ISBSG Board of Directors

Raúl Fernandez, from LedaMC, joins the ISBSG Board of Directors

20 February, 2017 | Reading < 1 min.

The international Software Benchmarking Standards group (ISBSG) has elected Raul Fernandez as a member of its Board of Directors. This non-for-profit organization gathers data from software development projects in more than 12 countries and from all kind of methods and development models.

Dácil Castelo participates in the Conference ISMA 11 at Brazil

Dácil Castelo participates in the Conference ISMA 11 at Brazil

20 February, 2017 | Reading < 1 min.

Dacil Castelo, Director of Productivity and Estimations in LedaMC, has presented at ISMA 11, the anual conference of IFPUG organized by the company TI Metricas at Sao Paulo, the updated LedaMC’s benchmarking under the title “Software Rates vs Price of Function Points: An updated cost analysis. Ver presentaciones