Seminar at Madrid: “Software Productivity and Quality. Efficiency Governance”

11 November, 2015 | reading 3 min.

On the past November 11th, LEDAmc and Computer World organized at Hesperia Hotel in Madrid, with the collaboration of CAST and NESMA (Ton Dekkers), the seminar titled “Software Productivity and Quality. Efficiency Governance

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The presentations during the seminar were the following:

Presentation: “BENCHMARKING ABOUT THE RISK IN CRITICAL APPLICATIONS: Is the Market allways in charge?

Given by Fernando Merino.
Fernando is the Technical Director of CAST, and his goal is to deliver solutions to problems that Iberian and LatAm’s clients may experience as an expert establishing and optimizing Application Portfolio Management and Vendor Management strategies through measuring the associated risk to the critical application and implementing actions plans in order to improve to achieve standard values referring to the industry
Before joining CAST, Fernando developed his career in Ydilo/Movidilo, Ericsson companies, and Meta 4 which is focused in consultancy and implementation of high technology solutions and HR solutions. In addition, he has published many opinion articles and product reviews in magazines such as PCActual, Computing, Redeslan, etc.
Thanks to his education as a computer engineer and a master’s degree at the University of Southern Mississippi combined with a management program at IE business school and PMP. Fernando is capable of transforming different technical information into valuable business information and provide help by introducing measurement disciplines within the internal politics of the Application Portfolio Management and Vendor Management within large companies.

The presentation can be downloaded here: Benchmarking about the risks in critical applications: Does the market always rule?


Given by Ignacio López.
Ignacio Lopez is currently the Director of the Risk Governance Area at LEDAmc (consulting firm specialized in supplier management in terms of quality and productivity): After working for 10 years in Development teams, he has specialized over the last 15 years in subjects related to management of testing software optimization, as Director of SQA in different companies (Meta4. InOutTV….) and leading the Testing software business areas in several consulting firms (Aventia, LEDAmc) and helping to implement the testing process in large companies. Ignacio is a computer engineer by the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”. During the last years he has found out the power in the use of Function points related to Testing software and quality to optimize and control processes.

The presentation can be downloaded here: “REDIRECTING EVERLASTING PROJECTS”


Given by Dácil Castelo.
Dacil Castelo is the Director of Productivity and Estimations Area at LEDAmc. She graduated in Physics by the “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” (Spain) and has been working in the IT sector since 1996. Dacil was chosen as a member of the IFPUG executive board in 2013 and currently is the Director of Standard Measurements. Since 2007 she has worked in the definition, implementation and operation of Productivity and Estimation models of software projects within large Spanish companies and also in Colombia since 2013.

The presentation can be downloaded here: INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY STUDY


Given by Almudena Peña.
Almudena Peña graduated in computer engineering at the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”. She has worked in several companies of the IT sector. Since 2007 she works at Orange and since 2010 is responsible of the Productivity office in Orange.

The presentation can be downloaded here OPTIMIZING PRODUCTIVITY


Given by Ton Dekkers.
Ton Dekker is currently the General Manager of Software Cost Engineer. In addition, he is president of NESMA and member of the international counsel board at COSMIC (Common Software Measurement International Consortium). Along the years, he has worked as consultant and general manager of the Software Measurement Area and assuring quality in different companies. He has also been General Manager at Galorath International Ltd and General Manager of estimations and metrics at Sogeti Nderland B.v.

The presentation can be downloaded here ARE MINI GUIDES THE ANSWER?