IFPUG certifies LedaMC as the first worldwide reference company for IT project benchmarking

30 March, 2022 | reading 2 min.

LedaMC referente Benchmarking

At LedaMC we have always been clear about the importance of Benchmarking for the software development industry, seeing it as one of the main tools in favor of efficiency.

It is a tool that has been used in other sectors since long ago. Such is the case of Toyota and the development of its Lean Manufacturing; where benchmarking allowed them to refine the new way of working that they were creating.

Process and Project

The dynamics is simple; we make changes in our performance and measure the result. After doing so, we compare it with the market and draw conclusions about whether we are doing better or not, and in this case we define what we must change to achieve the goal set.

As a reference in the sector of Efficiency and Quality of software developments and with the aim of visualizing the power that benchmarking has for the IT industry, we committed ourselves to the pilot project of the new IFPUG certification program: Application Development & Maintenance (AD/M) Benchmarking Certification.

With this program, the international organization that governs the destinies of the industry’s de facto standard, IFPUG (International Function Point User Group), aims to certify the quality of the benchmarking processes of the companies that perform them, allowing their customers to have the highest guarantees that these processes are performed according to the highest standard. Or, in other words, the client has the assurance that the company that holds the certificate complies with the bases of good benchmarking.

Impact and relevance

For LedaMC, it represents a great opportunity to reinforce the confidence of our current and potential customers, through the optimal validation of our methods and tools by a worldwide organization of special relevance.

Our years of experience in this field, together with our extensive database of software development project references, fed year after year, with real practice data from customers, suppliers, environments and technologies, are a great added value. Thanks to this certification procedure we see these projects that we have been developing for years endorsed, enabling us, even more if possible, to promote innovation and continuous improvement in the IT sector.

Find out all the details about our journey through the certification project in the interview given to MetricViews, IFPUG’s flagship publication designed by metrics experts from around the world.

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