LedaMC helps to strengthen the quality management in Repsol’s development projects by improving the testing processes:

Repsol wanted to strengthen and evolve the management and support procedures for software testing

Repsol wanted to strengthen and evolve the management and support procedures for software testing carried out by the company with its testing factories and development suppliers within the framework of IT projects. This service, contracted by the Quality and User Experience area, is circumscribed by a larger QMO (Quality Management Office) contract.

Operated by LedaMC, which includes, in addition to the TMO services, a service for measuring and improving the productivity of the application maintenance factories, and a Methodological Support service.

According to Pedro Lotersztain ( head of LedaMC’s QMO service at Repsol): “This contract will allow Repsol to evolve the TMO operation to include the most innovative Software Risk Management services that LedaMC has developed over the last few years in different clients, increasing the value contribution to the business, while improving the productivity and effectiveness of testing activities in Repsol’s Information Systems projects”. With this service we boost the quality management in the company’s development projects improving the testing processes.

We have doubled the service since its creation due to the high demand for the services, as the improvement of the different quality processes within a development project has been demonstrated. Our TMO service ensures Quality Gates compliance, the right testing strategy, test plan reviews, user support, application training, team coordination… We manage quality in large development projects within the company with accumulated budgets of more than 30 million euros.

We provide methodological support to all Repsol users by giving different training courses on corporate applications throughout the development project life cycle. In addition, thanks to our knowledge in BIG DATA we are creators and holders of dashboards of special sensitivity for the company as dashboards of general costs of projects, tickets of maintenance of all the services of Repsol, dashboard of business…

With the help of LedaMC’s productivity service in the management of Repsol suppliers by controlling the economic efficiency of maintenance developments, during the last financial year, the company obtained economic savings of more than 450,000 Euros.

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