How to recover control and reduce your IT costs

20 October, 2020 | reading 3 min.


Shall we get renewed?

We have been talking about the digital transformation of companies for a long time. Some got on the boat a few years ago, others took a little longer, there are even those that haven’t started yet. What is clear is that in the middle of the COVID era, we have to face technological innovation in an uncertain scenario. And the reality is that innovation and digitalization entail an associated expense that many companies are thinking of cutting down to avoid taking any risks, but… Is it convenient to stop investing in development and innovation and postpone digitalization until better times come? Are you going to sacrifice this process in order to reduce IT expenses? As the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno would say “progress consists in renewing oneself” and this phrase would be adapted to the popular motto “renew or die”. And there is no better time to apply it that in times of crisis.

In our adaptation process to new digital trends and, above all, to new user needs, we have developed a more direct and simple way to help and support companies in their digital transformation process. We have brought out a line of e-Solutions that can be acquired directly through the web and are totally personalized. But you may wonder:

What kind of consulting service, designed to improve the efficiency and quality of software development, can be hired on demand and be truly useful?

See below our first of our e-Solutions.

Online estimations

In order to assume the risk involved in investing in development, it is essential to regain control of IT spending and there are several ways to help us achieve so.

Establishing a reliable and objective estimation method is key to reduce IT costs and will help you on many situations:

  • Cost comparison. If you need to confirm that the estimate made or received from a third party gives consistent results regarding the efficiency of your organization or are aligned with the market.
  • Objective result according to market. By using a standard methodology and market data (we have a database with more than 60,000 software development project references) the estimate we give you will be the most adjusted to market trends.
  • Help in a tender. If you need to determine the cost and/or development effort of an application in order to have it as a reference in a bidding process and discard the bidders that are below it or simply compare them with what it would cost to do it in the market.
  • Determine a realistic scope. If your budget is tight, ensure that the estimate provided is realistic regarding the performance of your teams.
  • Decide if doing something new is more affordable than modifying something that already exists. The impact of modifying and evolving my systems can be more expensive than a zero implementation, you can estimate new applications and assess your most cost-effective solution.
  • Plan your project. Using objective criteria it will be possible to dimension and schedule our development project according to the budget we have available.

We only need the requirements (documentation describing the functional requirements of the project or a meeting to explain them) and the technical information of the project (technology, Waterfall or Agile, etc) to help you.

What are we delivering?

Access to Quanter, our estimation App, with the detailed information of the estimation performed, so you can see how it was done. Check this link to know more about Quanter.

PDF report including the estimation based on an objective and reliable method of the software development (construction) to make the application according to the possible scenarios, as well as the implications to take into account.

And you can get all this in a simple and intuitive way through our website.

Get the results and start reducing your IT costs.