Seminar at Colombia “Innovation in the IT Governance”

02 July, 2015 | reading 3 min.

After three years in Colombia, LEDAmc organizes its second seminar under the theme “Innovation in the IT Governance” providing to the current knowledge the key elements if the IT governance in the Colombian reality.

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Seminar organized by LEDAmc on the 2nd of July 2015 focused towards the innovations in the governance of information technologies.

The presentations of the referred seminar were the following:


Given by Lina Maria Taborda Giraldo.
Lina is a Telematic engineer by the “Universidad Catolica de Manizales” and specialist in Project management in telecommunications by the “Universidad del Rosario” with 13 years of experience of which she was Executive Director of the Software Cluster and “TI de Antioquia” 7 of them. Linked to the Ministry of Information Technology in Colombia since the 9th of April of 2015 where she takes responsibility of leading the Politics and Development of the IT Industry.

The presentation can be downloaded here POLITICS FOR THE IT INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT



Given by Dacil Castelo Dácil Castelo.
Dacil Castelo is the Director of Productivity and Estimations Area at LEDAmc. She graduated in Physics by the “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” (Spain) and has been working in the IT sector since 1996. Dacil was chosen as a member of the IFPUG executive board in 2013 and currently is the Director of Standard Measurements. Since 2007 she has worked in the definition, implementation and operation of Productivity and Estimation models of software projects within large Spanish companies and also in Colombia since 2013.

The presentation can be downloaded here INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY STUDYD



Given by Mauricio Aguiar.
Mauricio Aguilar is the President of TI Metrics, the company of software measurement with the largest number of IFPUG certificated professionals worldwide. He graduated as an engineer by the “Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro” (Brazil). Mauricio was president of IFPUG since 2005 until 2007 after working at the IFPUG Board of Directors since 2000. Currently, Maurcio is the Director of Marketing & Communications at IFPUG as well as member of the international counsel board at COSMIC. Along the years, Mauricio has been involved in the program implementation of the program metrics and analysis of Function Points in several Brazilian and multinational organizations.

The presentation can be downloaded here SUCCESS OF THE PRODUCTIVITY MODEL IN BRAZIL



Given by Ignacio López.
Ignacio Lopez is currently the Director of the Risk Governance Area at LEDAmc (consulting firm specialized in supplier management in terms of quality and productivity): After working for 10 years in Development teams, he has specialized during the past 15 years in subjects related to management of testing software optimization, as Director of SQA in different companies (Meta4. InOutTV….) and leading the Testing software business areas in several consulting firms (Aventia, LEDAmc) and helping to implement the testing process in large companies. Ignacio is a computer engineer by the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”. During the last years, he has found the power of Function points use related to Testing software and quality to optimize and control processes

The presentation can be downloaded here REDIRECTING EVERLASTING PROJECTS



Given by Santiago Pinzón Galán.
Santiago Pizon is the Executive Director of the BPO/ITO/KPO Chamber in the National Businessmen Association of Colombia (ANDI). He graduated in Law at the “Pontifica Universidad Javeriana”. In the year 2001 he was selected as council member of the Administrative Local Board at Bogota (2001-2003) Years later he was Director of Competitiveness and Productivity of the Commerce, Industry and Tourism Ministry (2007-2009) and was vice minister of the Business Development. In 2013 he was chosen as one of the 50 executives of Outsourcing with the most influence in Latin America. Since 2014 he also works as Director of National Services Industry in the businessmen Association at Colombia.