6TH TO 9TH MAY 2024

6TH TO 9TH MAY 2024

IFPUG SNAP (Software Non-Functional Assessment Process) workshop

About this course

This IFPUG SNAP workshop will delve into the concepts and techniques of the software non-functional assessment process (SNAP – Software Non-functional Assessment Process), to measure the size of software in Development and Maintenance Projects and Information Systems Applications.
You will be able to carry out measurements of non-functional requirements with a solid theoretical knowledge of the methodology and with practical examples that will help you better understand it.
The course will be based on two pillars: theory and practice. Throughout the course, attendees will carry out multiple didactic practical examples to understand the different steps of the methodology, which will be discussed and resolved.

Prerequisites for IFPUG SNAP workshop

As the objective of the workshop is to give an introduction to SNAP, it can be attended by people who have technical knowledge in software development and are making estimates based on expert judgment.

A basic knowledge of IFPUG Function Points is recommended to take full advantage of the course.

IFPUG SNAP workshop Content

  • Introduction to SNAP
    • What is the SNAP Point analysis?
    • Objectives of SNAP Points analysis
    • Functional Requirements vs Non-Functional Requirements
    • Benefits of SNAP Point Analysis
    • Overview of the Non-Functional Assessment Process
  • Categories & Subcategories
    • Basic concepts
    • Categories & Subcategories
      • Data Operations
      • Interface Design
      • Technical Environment
      • Architecture
    • Mission Critical / Real Time Systems
  • Non-functional size calculation
    • Formula Approach
    • Determining Non-Functional Size
  • Case study

Meet the instructors

The course will be given by a LedaMC consultant, with official IFPUG (Certified Function Point Specialist) certification and experience in technical training.

Do you want this course only for your company?

Contact us we will adapt this course to your needs. If you are interested in similar courses check Function Points from Scratch or our IFPUG CFPS/CFPP exam preparation

Course details

Duration12 hours in 4 sessions of 3 hours




15:00 – 18:00 h
08:00 – 11:00 h
Price890 € + VAT
DiscountsUp to 15% for groups of 3 or more people from the same company
Course materialPDF

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