LedaMC becomes an ITI partner to create new common synergies 

05 April, 2023 | reading < 1 min.

LedaMC new ITI partner

We are proud to announce that we have recently signed our new role as an ITI Associate. Our common goal with this association is the development of IT through software metrics that allow us to improve the efficiency and costs of software developments and the preparation of quality tests for our clients and their members. 

ITI is a private technology center based in Valencia and focused on research, development, and innovation of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Born in 1994, it has accompanied companies in sectors such as agriculture, industry, health, tourism, and transport through digital transformation and quality processes and tests. 

At LedaMC we help our clients to increase the contribution of IT to their business. Specifically, we are specialized in Technology Governance in organizations with high software development needs. We believe that this association will be positive in two aspects: at a corporate level and for our clients indirectly. 

Therefore, our objectives are united to work together in the development of companies in their digital transformation. The software product being of vital importance in this process. 

LedaMC becomes an ITI partner, what are the benefits?

This distinction as an ITI associate allows us to achieve greater promotion and visibility of efficiency issues in software development than those we evangelize in our company. With the support in the dissemination of projects, news and events in its communication channels; the diffusion in the media of projects developed in collaboration and in the promotion of our activity within the ICT Observatory. 

Thus, we hope that this teamwork will strengthen us both and that we can continue to collaborate and move forward together in the future.