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Save costs in software development through a clear and objective estimation.

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What is it?

We will deliver an estimate of the effort and/or cost of the software development project made by a reliable and objective method. This estimation is a very powerful tool that can be useful in many situations such as the following, among others
If you need to contrast the estimate received from a supplier with the corresponding market cost and then negotiate with the supplier according to the result.
If you want to know the cost and/or development effort of an application to have it as a reference in a bidding process and discard the bidders that are below, or simply compare them with what it would cost to do it in the market.
If you need to know how expensive it will be to carry out that application that can solve your business idea to look for financing, partners, etc.

What do we need?

  • Project requirements: Documentation describing the functional requirements of the project (or a meeting to tell us about them).
  • Project technical data: Technology, Waterfall or Agile, etc.

What are we delivering?

  • Access to Quanter with the full detail of the estimate, where you can see how it was done. Find out more about Quanter.
  • PDF report including the objective and reliable estimation of the software development (building) to carry out the application according to the possible scenarios, as well as the assumptions to be taken into account.

Add complements to your estimation

Testware Estimation

We will deliver the estimate of the effort needed to perform the certification and UAT tests, as well as the expected quality of the development.

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We compare the estimate we have made with the one given to you by a supplier, pointing out where the differences are.

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We start an agreement process with the supplier based on the reviewed estimate in order to get a more accurate and complete final estimate.

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Market Reference

We compare our estimate and/or the estimate delivered by a supplier with the market values of effort and/or cost for the same technologies.

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Price and payment conditions

Once you make the request and we validate that we can start working on your estimate we will send you the payment information by the selected method.

The price of an estimate, including the complements you select, will not exceed 1% of the E2E cost of the estimated project.

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