Agile Optimisation

We improve your Agile initiatives


One of the main worries for the agile implementation, meaning Agile methodology is to improve time to market. In the current situation where business need to get software faster and shorten the stages from need to software production we need to know which is our capacity.

LEDAmc with its expertise provides adapted solutions to agile scenarios called Agile Business Office which will work for your business allowing to know the Agile Business Speed or, in other words, the speed in which you will be able to develop needs and display them into production.

Throughout the agile business speed, you will be able to:

  • Quote Agile software developments accurately. You will be able to measure your budgets for agile software developments in a precise way so your budgets will be more accurate.
  • Faster quotation.Budget creation is one of the main bottlenecks for any organisation. Agile speed will help your business so you can quote much faster just by focusing in what really matters to you: Business needs.
  • Forecast the time to market capacity of your teams. You will be able to know the capacity to provide business functions in an estimated period of each of your teams.
  • Get to know which of your teams have the best time to market. Whether you have several suppliers or you develop internally you will be able to know which of your teams has the best time to market.
  • Choose the best supplier. With the agile business speed, you will be able to choose you best supplier in order to get a better security in your projects development.
  • Detect and help whoever needs it the most. When any team, whether it is a supplier’s team or you own, do not display the same agile business speed as the rest, it demonstrates that it may be an issue and you have to pay attention to this project. With this measure, you will be able to make your team improve by taking the right corrective measure and solving any issues that may occur.

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Agile Functional Testing

The software development risks are a subject that must be taken seriously. Therefore, in our continuously search of the software development quality assurance, LEDAmc has developed solutions to add testing activities to the agile models in the software development.

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Agile Management Office

LEDAmc has developed new analysis models so you get in the palm of your hand all the related information to the Backlog budget consumption, the risks, the tests and defects in such a way they allow to merge the frequently devilvery of new functionalities to business with the total control and quality assurance of the delivered software.

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Agile Testing Automation

In agile environments, there are many tests that has to be centralized and automatized in order to maximize effectiveness and control.

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