Testing Governance

Testing Governance Office (TGO)

gobierno del riesgo software

Testing Management equals having all testing elements correctly organized to be able to answer questions such as, where are we? what is happening now?

Testing Governance consists on providing (in advance) objective information and knowing (with high probability) what will happen in the near future, making easier the decision making process (based on impact and risk).

LEDAmc´s solution is based on having a Testware Estimation Model, that allows to monitor and control what is done and the activities of tests that are still needed to be done. Predictions are made based on the current situation and its possible evolution in terms of quality, timing and economic impact.

The Testing Governance Office (TGO) includes the following functions: Testware Estimates, Test Productivity, Impact Predictions, Testing Effectiveness, Decision Support and Comprehensive Testing Dashboard.

gobierno del riesgo software