Technical Incident Consultant

Are you passionate about technology and problem solving? Read on to discover your daily responsibilities and challenges as a Technical Incident Consultant at LedaMC.

updated | 09 October, 2023


We would prefer you to have a university degree, a good level of English, and to have developed strong oral and written communication skills, curiosity, and analytical abilities.


A. Analysis and Reporting of Incidents (Testing, Logs, Functional Documentation)

We receive notifications (mostly via email – Outlook) of potential incidents that need to be reviewed by reproducing the steps to verify the reported error. Various tests are conducted on the website/apps, and both the front-end and back-end (logs) are analyzed.

If it is determined to be an incident, it is documented and entered into the reporting tool – Service Now.

If it is not an incident, it is justified, and the case is returned with the necessary information.

B. Incident Management (Prioritization, SLAs, Tracking, Escalation) – Service Now

Daily, incidents that are returned to the GIN team need to be managed, and those that are closed must be reviewed (reopened if necessary, or the customer notified of their resolution).

Ongoing tracking with IT teams to review SLA compliance, correct incident resolution, and resolve those incidents that may get stuck in the system.

C. Reporting (Business, IT; at all levels in all areas)

The team must manage both internal reports that facilitate daily work and reports for third parties, including incident tracking, service levels, or general Business area activity.

D. Functional Support to all Business Areas

Due to the general knowledge acquired by GIN team members, we serve as a reference for others who are specialized, often providing support for data analysis, platform stability, web/app behaviors, and more.

E. Redirection of Queries, Incidents, and Management – Organizational Knowledge of the Customer

We handle redirecting anything we receive that is not within our scope. We acquire extensive general knowledge of the client’s organization and ensure that queries that should be directed to other areas are received correctly.

Required Qualities:

  • Teamwork
  • Proactivity
  • Learning ability (functional and technical)
  • Methodical
  • Customer interaction
  • Adaptability to change
  • Memory capacity
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Conflict resolution

Previous Experience in:

  • Incident description
  • Software/Digital Incident Management
  • UAT/AQ Testing

Desired Knowledge of Tools:

  • Remedy (incident reporting)
  • Jira (incident reporting)
  • Service Now (incident reporting)
  • Confluence (functional documentation)
  • Splunk (logs)
  • Kibana (logs)
  • Tealeaf (monitoring)
  • Salesforce (ticketing)
  • Office 365
  • Outlook – High-level email management
  • Tealeaf (monitoring)
  • Salesforce (ticketing)
  • Excel – functions, pivot tables, macros
  • PowerPoint – autonomy to create presentations
  • SharePoint
  • Teams
  • OneNote

Desired Tools:


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