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Cover of the guide "Your Starmap to conquer 2024"

A selection of articles from media such as El Economista, El Español, Revista Byte and Dirigentes, among others, summarising the strategies with which we have helped our clients to achieve and maintain leadership in efficiency and quality in software development throughout 2023:

  • Why the market is a mirror for the quality of your software.
  • You don’t need an AI to improve the quality of your project, here’s what you do need.
  • How to stop being a consciously wrong company. Wake up like the EU!
  • Slower speeds multiplies accidents. The reason…? And many more insights.

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    Your starmap to reach the stars

    Dácil Castelo de la Torre

    Dácil Castelo de la Torre



    We begin a journey together, a new year that offers us a new opportunity to deliver exceptional value in every project, with all the challenges that entails.

    At LedaMC, our philosophy revolves around building by and for people and conquering the value of technology. And with those goals in mind, we have prepared this guide, our “Starmap”, to become your companion and guide your way to the stars, creating a constellation of quality, productivity, and efficiency that integrates into the galaxy of your business.

    I hope you enjoy the journey we start now. You will have us by your side so that you never walk alone.


    Development Market Report 2023


    This report is for customers like you who daily ask themselves questions such as: Which technology is the most productive? Is it also the cheapest? If not, which one is the most productive? Does it depend only on the technology, only on the supplier, or both? Does the quality of the developments play a role?

    This report gets the answers based on information from the market, i.e. from companies like yours, developing in the same technologies as you, with the same suppliers as you, under the same conditions as you.

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    Software Development Market Report 2023 - Quanter

    LedaMC, the first and only organisation worldwide to be certified for benchmarking by IFPUG

    LedaMC becomes a worldwide reference in IT project benchmarking

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