SW Risk Governance

SW Risk Governance (SWRG)

Much more than testing.

Minimizing the risk of failure of an application is not only making a good design of tests, to detect and to get the defects corrected… it is much more..

gobierno del riesgo software

To minimize the risk of SW failure, it is necessary to:

  • Have a good estimate of the expected result of the tests.
  • Have accurate and objective information.
  • Be able to predict the expected quality at each moment of the project development.
  • Help make correct decisions with objective data.
  • Audit projects and processes.
  • Propose solutions (action plan).
  • Interpret the results of poor quality in economic terms.
  • Control the productivity and effectiveness of tests.


RFP’s Testing Factories

Choose and better manage your testing providers with RFP Testing Factories

ROI Testing Process

Do you have the appropriate indicators to control the ROI of the testing process? Here’s how to do it: ROI Testing Process

Governance Testing Office (TGO)

The tests should be governed so you really know how your software development process is. The entire LEDAmc experience has led us to define the best Governance Testing Office

Quality Audits

Our commitment to quality is based on the conviction that it saves costs and creates better software. Our audits will allow you continuous improvement that you would not have thought before.Quality Audits

Optimize Test Automation Process

Without a good strategy and definition of test automation, these can become a problem rather than a solution. We make it the solution. See below for more information.Test Automation

Agile Management Office (AMO)

In LEDAmc we have designed a new analysis models so that you have in your hand all the information related to the consumption of budgets, Backlog, risks, tests and defects. See below for more information.Agile Management Office

Agile Functional Testing

Risk in software development is a matter to be taken very seriously, that is why in our continuous research to ensure quality in software development, we have developed solutions for the agile models of software development, here described:Agile Functional Testing

Agile Test Automation

In agile environments there are many tests that need to be centralized and automated to maximize efficiency and control. For more detail about the solution that LEDAmc has developed I recommend you to read: Agile Testing Automation

Testware Estimation

One of the main reasons for the delay of SW development projects is not making an estimation making a subjective assessment of the activities associated with the tests (design and execution of tests, resolution of defects, stabilization). LEDAmc has created an estimation model that provides an objective quantification of testware (test cases, defects and associated efforts) from early phases of the project and provides references to take into account to perform a realistic planning, monitoring and controlling the actual project evolution.
See below for more information.