Quantify your requirements

Quantify your Requirements

The general objective of the service is to determine and quantify the requirements coming from a business process so that a strategy for development and solution implementation can be set up. It consists in:

  • Requirements identification derived from each of the business processes.
  • Elementary functionalities of each of the requirements identification with enough detail to be able to quantify the requirement.
  • Impact of new requirements determination on current applications.
  • Functional size of each requirement determination using the Function Point technique, at elementary functionalities identified level.
  • Effort and developing and testing cost of the requirements establishment, using the Early Estimates methodology, as well as the reference productivities of LEDAmc for the Spanish market.

This integrated approach will:

  • Reuse the intermediates of both processes (early estimates and requirements).
  • To have a more accurate estimate when the processes of estimation and survey of requirements are fed back.
  • Detect new requirements as a result of the own estimation based on the Function Points methodology.
  • Reduce the effort required by the user by decreasing the required iterations and allowing early validation and verification of requirements.

In addition, the methodology used by LEDAmc allows estimation of the expected testware (test cases) and the expected defects in the different test environments. This is particularly useful because it provides a quality perspective that ensures the established deadlines for the proceidure to production.