Quality audits

Ensure your Software Engineering Process

Many companies consider that, the chain of responsibility of the people who carry out a development activity should not be broken, on the other hand, there are so many advantages in the specialization of the work teams.

To solve these conflicts, the LEDAmc solution performs Quality Audits in different aspects of the software engineering process:

  • Software construction process Audits
  • Testing software process Audits.
  • Software requirements Audits
  • Tests (designed and executed) carried out Audits.
  • Quality of the generated code Audits.
  • Automated tests scripts Audits.

The main advantages of the LEDAmc auditing approach are:

  • The minimum impact it produces on work teams.
  • Flexibility in terms of time and cost commitment required, based on the size of the audited sample.
  • The interpretation of the impact in the quality, and in economic terms, that will make the GAP between what has been done and what should have been done.