Productivity Management

Improve your Productivity

The problem in software production

In the field of Information Technology, the basic element of measurement is usually effort. As a consequence, the software industry is the only one that has problems answering simple questions about its production process:

  • How do you know if Development Productivity is good or bad?
  • How do you know if it increases or decreases?
  • Which of my suppliers is more productive?
  • How do I check a factory´s production from 10,000 miles away?
  • What is my position on the market?

However, by only measuring the effort…

  • It is impossible to calculate the production, but only the hours spent on it.
  • It is impossible to establish real united costs, but only man-day/costs (fares).
  • It is impossible to detect an overestimation of a project or a generalized increase in “charged” effort usually related to a reduced rate
  • It is impossible to make objective estimates about the product: size, testware and expected quality.
  • It is impossible to know the actual progress of a product (and a project), but only the effort made.
  • It is impossible to make reliable comparisons if they are not standardized by unit of production.


The LEDAmc solution

LEDAmc considers product and production as basic and essential elements for any Governance Model of Software Development.

LEDAmc has developed a Productivity Management Model for IT development processes which is a complete solution, design to ease its implementation in the shortest possible time see below for more information about optimizing your estimates.

Based on this model, LEDAmc Productivity Offices are created with these objectives:

  • Improve the efficiency of the development process of applications.
  • Reduce IT spending, acting on the heaviest item in the budget.
  • Establish a rigorous system of measurement of the effectively produced software.
  • Implement accurate estimation systems.
  • Include SAP, SIEBEL … in productivity management models.

LEDAmc´s Productivity Office is configured as a key management tool for the governance of the development process, especially useful in high-level outsourcing environments. Knowing productivity, our customers can:

  • Introduce productivity ANS.
  • Connect production with payments.
  • Compare supplier performance.
  • Set goals for improvement.
  • Save costs.


Click on the image to see in detail our dashboard. The dashboard puts in your hands all the information you need to make decisions.