The International Function Users’ Group (IFPUG) is a non-profit, member governed organization. The mission of IFPUG is to be a recognized leader in promoting and encouraging the effective management of application software development and maintenance activities through the use of Function Point Analysis and other software measurement techniques. IFPUG provides independent certification of the expertise in Function Point Analysis. LEDAmc is the company that has more Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) in Spain.



The ISBSG is a non-profit organization that established and now grows, maintains and exploit two repositories of IT history data (software metrics) to help improve the management of IT globally. To improve the management of IT resources by both business and government, through the provision and exploitation of public repositories of software engineering knowledge that are standardised, verified, recent and representative of current technologies.


COSMIC is a voluntary, world-wide grouping of software metrics experts. Started in 1998, COSMIC has developed the most advanced method of measuring a functional size of software. Such sizes are important as measures of software project work-output and for estimating project effort. LEDAmc is COSMIC’s representative in Spain.


ti MÉTRICAS is a Brazilian company specialized in the application of software metrics for Information Technology. The company actively supports and collaborates with the most relevant software metrics organizations (IFPUG, ISBSG, COSMIC,…).


Company focused on software and development productivity metrics has gained considerable acknowledgment in the IT world. They put in the market SEER a state of the art Development Project Estimation tool. LEDAmc is Galorath’s representative in Spain and Colombia.

David Consulting Group

Company that provide Function Point Analysis, Software Value, and Software Estimation services.