Functional Testing Automation

Optimize your Testing automation Process

Test automation is usually considered a solution to all execution problems (availability of resources, repetition of executions, minimizing the time required to guarantee the quality of the developed applications). If a good automation strategy is not performed, an important amount of economic resources may be invested and won’t produce the expected results because:

  • Created scripts produce a high number of false positives.
  • Most of the detected bugs have to do with scripts that are permanently obsolete, and the important efforts that have to be made to keep them permanently updated.
gobierno del riesgo software

gobierno del riesgo software


LEDAmc´s solution is based on applying a correct automation strategy, with an ROI analysis of the automation. Perform an efficient design of test scripts (focused on maximizing their maintainability). Analyze the effectiveness of automated tests in terms of detected real defects. Integrate automated scripts with the continuous integration process and code quality analysis tools.