Estimation Review - LedaMC Solutions



We review an estimate made by a supplier with respect to ours.

What is it?

In those cases in which we have made an estimate of a software project that has been delivered to us, with this complement, we check the differences between our estimate and the estimate delivered by a supplier.

With the “review complement”, you will know if the measurement standards are well applied or not, if it has been done correctly and transparently. We will detail those defects that we find, reviewing the non-measurable efforts indicated to check if they apply.

What do we need?

  • An estimation delivered by the supplier.

What are we delivering?

  • Section within the PDF report including the detail of the comparison between the estimate we have made and the one received from the supplier.

Price and payment conditions

As it is a complement to the e-Solution estimate, its cost will be included in the price of the e-Solution.

Any doubts?