Negotiation - LedaMC



We help you to agree on the final estimate of a project with the supplier

What is it?

Once the review of a supplier’s estimate is done, we start the process of agreement with the supplier, obtaining a final estimate .

The agreed estimate will reflect the functional estimation standards determined by the market in agreement with the supplier, as well as the correct application of these standards.

The negotiation completes the audit process of an estimate ensuring that the rules applied to calculate it and the value found for the effort and/or cost are correct.

What do we need?

  • Nothing else.

What are we delivering?

  • Access to Quanter with the detailed detail of the estimate made, where you can see how it was done. Find out more about Quanter.
  • PDF report including negotiation details and information on savings achieved.

Price and payment conditions

As it is a complement to the e-Solution estimate, its cost will be included in the price of the e-Solution.

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