Diagnose and Transform

Diagnose and Transform

Competition amongst companies is fierce, only those that are permanently updating and improving will succeed.

Dependence on information technologies is becoming increasingly important, therefore, IT departments have to cater for growing demands. while applying the process of continuous improvement.

To survive in such a competitive environment while steering the process of continuous improvement, the application of development model, its associated processes and tools, software quality, information and Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) can be utilized to monitor performance throughout the processes.

In the environment where cost-saving (or at least value optimization) and productivity improvement are becoming increasingly important, LEDAmc has developed a set of solutions to help IT departments with their transformation, covering the following aspects:

  • Diagnosis of the IT governance model.
  • Diagnosis of the IT Project estimation model.
  • Diagnostic of software construction process.
  • Diagnosis of the software testing process.
  • Identification of KPI’s / indicators / metric in a clear and objective way regarding the construction processes and testing.
  • Creation of scorecard to monitor the evolution of the transformation process.
  • Renewal of external projects (especially packages software such as SAP, Siebel,…) and their impact on the expected quality.

These diagnoses serve to establish actions for optimization of the IT governance model, focusing major areas like demand management, user requirements management, project estimation, productivity and quality control as well as supplier management.

The method is to evaluate the existing model of Governance and provide recommendations, and that begins with GAP identification between the measurement indicators and other considerations like markets objectives. The findings include:

  • The availability of objective metrics of model management
  • The reduction of time dedicated to the areas of business a processes of IT system.
  • The improvement of IT service providers management model.