Compare yourself to you and to the Market

This LEDAmc´s service allows the complete evaluation, quantitative and qualitative, of the development productivity and maintenance of software applications.

In this service we combine:

  • Market Standards (ISBSG))
  • LEDA’s experience, mainly in the Spanish market (more than 18,000 projects)

LEDAmc´s benchmarking allows to know the market position of the evaluated organization productivity. Its standard nature, together with the accuracy of the evaluation process, guarantee the significance of the results obtained and their overall consistency.

This service, therefore, presents applications in two directions: the first one is related to the market: how good you are applying the best practices. The second one is compared to yourself: how much you have improved in the last period.

Improving compared to the Market

Compare your organization with other companies allows you, among others:

  • Position my organization in the market in terms of productivity.
  • Compare the unit costs (per unit of product) of my organization, not just the fares.
  • Compare the distribution of costs by activity.


Improvement compared to yourself

Within your own organization, this information allows you to, among others:

  • Compare the productivity of different departments, suppliers, technologies, etc.
  • Analyze the quality of project estimates and supporting tools (estimators, etc.)
  • Evaluate the productivity impact of any decision made (changes in suppliers, changes in tariffs, changes in development processes, changes in used technologies, etc.).
  • Have reference values in order to:
    • Make estimates of more objective software development projects.
    • Establish Service Level Agreements (SLA) to third parties.
    • Define internal or third-party improvement objectives.
    • Conduct continuous monitoring and control of SLAs and objectives.



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