IFPUG Function Points from Scratch

3TH TO 13TH JUNE 2024

3TH TO 13TH JUNE 2024

Learn IFPUG Function Points from Scratch

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About this IFPUG Function Points from Scratch course

In this workshop, you will learn the concepts and techniques of Function Point Analysis (FPA) from scratch, to measure the software size of Development and Maintenance Projects and Information Systems Applications.

Once you complete this course, you will be able to make estimates and measurements based on the method defined by IFPUG.

The course will be based on two pillars: theory and practice. Throughout the course, attendees will carry out multiple didactic practical examples to understand the different steps of the methodology, which will be discussed and solved.


The workshop is open to anyone regardless of their background, although knowledge of IT project development is recommended.


The content and distribution of the sessions will be as follows:

  • Introduction to the IFPUG methodology.
    • What is Function Point Analysis?
    • Objectives of Function Point Analysis
    • Functional vs. non-functional requirements
    • Benefits of Function Point Analysis
    • Overview of FP Measurement Process
  • Measuring Data Functions (I)Types of Data Functions
    • Measurement Procedure
    • Examples of Data Functions
  • Measuring Data Functions (II)
    • Types of Data Entities
    • Identification of Logical Files
      • Elementary process Method
      • Entity Dependency/Independence Method
    • Shared Data
    • Data Conversion
  • Measuring Transactional Functions
    • Measurement procedure
    • Typologies
    • TED count.
  • Measuring Transactional Functions (II)
    • Examples of Transactional Functions
    • Uniqueness rule
    • Particularities and points to take into account.
  • Adjustment Value.
  • Case studies.
  • Doubts about the methodology.
  • Recommendations for estimating.

Meet the instructors

The course will be given by a LedaMC consultant, with official IFPUG (Certified Function Point Specialist) certification and experience in technical training.

IFPUG Certified Training

Leda MC is the only provider with IFPUG certified training in Spanish. Leda MC has trained more than 700 people in this methodology in more than 70 courses around the world. Leda MC is the leading Spanish company with the highest number of IFPUG certified people in its workforce (more than 70%). It is the leading company in Spanish-speaking countries in the use of Function Points for Estimation, Functional Size Measurement, Productivity Management and Quality Management processes.

Do you want this IFPUG Function Points from Scratch course only for your company?

Contact us we will adapt this course to your needs.

      Course details

      Duration24 hours in 8 sessions of 3 hours


      MADRID (GMT+2)
      MEXICO DF (GMT-5)


      15:00 – 18:00 h
      08:00 – 11:00 h
      Price1.195 € + VAT
      DiscountsUp to 15% for groups of 3 or more people from the same company
      Course materialPDF
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